* The image shown is combined a palletizing stocker “Hako-Bei” as an option.

Space-saving, multifunctional automation system

The Compact Loader, developed with an emphasis on space-saving, is a loading/unloading system built into the machine. A machine’s height remains the same even after being combined with the Compact Loader, which has the advantage of being less affected by the height limitations of factory ceilings.
* The Compact Loader is available for WY-100II, WY-150, NTY3-100 and MX-100.

The servo type is now on stage!

The Compact Loader servo, featuring a servo-driven vertical-axis hand, is now available!
The servo type offers improved travel speed and positioning accuracy compared to the conventional type. In addition, it allows users to specify teaching points, making setups even more convenient.

The Compact Loader servo can be controlled from its dedicated screen.

* The Compact Loader servo is available for the MX-100 only.

MX-100 WY-100II / NTY3-100 WY-150
Compact Loader servo Standard Axis Extension(op.) Standard Axis Extension(op.)
Z-axis Travel 2,580mm 1,955mm 2,105mm 2,105mm 2,255mm
Workpiece Size Diameter Φ20~130mm Φ32~100mm Φ32~100mm
Length 20~110mm 20~100mm 20~100mm
Weight 3.0kg×2 3.0kg×2 3.0kg×2