The Turning Center for Your Shop

  • 8-inch hydraulic chuck
  • Maximum turning diameter of ø510 mm
  • Through-hole diameter of ø66 mm
  • 12/8-position servo tool turret
  • Compact footprint

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Discover the Advantages of SYIL Lathes for Small Parts Manufacturing

SYIL L2 adopts a platform-based and modular design, featuring a compact footprint and a comfortable operating space with expandability. It reserves interfaces for various expansion functions to realize automated processing, such as loading and unloading robots, automatic doors, automatic feeders, tool setters, online workpiece inspection, etc.

  • Modular design with powerful expansion capabilities
  • A compact machine layout; can be combined into a production line
  • Optional mineral-cast bed structure
  • High rigidity and thermal stability
  • Direct drive servo system and high-precision guide rails
  • Fully enclosed working area with stainless steel protective panels
  • Easy chip removal design
  • Ergonomic design for operation and loading/Unloading
  • Easy access to each Unit for simple maintenance
  • A customizable automation system can be added for expansion

High-Precision Ball Screws and Linear Guides

8/12-Position Tool Turret System

A durable Tool Turret can Withstand 70kg Coolant Pressure

High-Speed Servo Spindle Unit

Maximum Spindle Speed of 4000rpm

High-Performance Turning

With SYIL turning centers, you can expect superior accuracy and repeatability. The advanced CNC technology ensures that every cut is precise, resulting in consistent and high-quality parts. Whether you are prototyping or producing small metal parts in large quantities, SYIL lathes deliver exceptional results every time.

SYIL L2 Turning Center Packages Specs

When it comes to small parts manufacturing, precision and efficiency are essential. That’s where SYIL CNC lathes come in. The SYIL L2 CNC lathes are designed to revolutionize turning centers and provide unmatched performance in small-scale production.

Chuck size 8 inch
Max. swing diameter over bed ø510 mm
Max. swing diameter over carriage ø260 mm
Max. workpiece Length 300 mm
Max. work piece diameter ø380 mm
Max speed 4000 rpm
Spindle nose A2-6
Spindle bore diameter ø66 mm
Through spindle bore diameter ø52 mm
Spindle power 11/15 kW
Type Servo turret
Tools 8/12
Tool shank size 25×25/20×20 mm
Tool shank diameter ø40/ø32 mm
X Rapid traverse 30 m/min
Z Rapid traverse 30 m/min
X Travels 200 mm
Z Travels 360 mm
Finish turning cylindrical accuracy IT6
Finish turning parts surface Ra0.4-1.6
Finished turning parts roundness ≤0.003 mm
Position accuracy (X) 0.005 mm
Position accuracy (Z) 0.008 mm
Repeat accuracy (X) 0.002 mm
Repeat accuracy (Z) 0.004 mm
Dimensions(LxWxH) 1775x1600x1690 mm
Weight 3050 kg
All About the SYIL L2

What Types of Parts Can Be Machined on a SYIL CNC Lathe?

A SYIL CNC lathe is capable of machining a wide range of parts. It is particularly well-suited for the production of small to medium-sized metal parts. The SYIL turning centers can handle a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, brass, and titanium.

With its high precision and accuracy, a SYIL CNC lathe can produce complex shapes, contours, and threads with ease. It is capable of performing various machining operations, such as facing, turning, grooving, threading, and drilling.

SYIL CNC lathes are commonly used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, and electronics. They are ideal for prototyping and small-batch production, allowing manufacturers to quickly and efficiently produce parts with tight tolerances.

Whether you need to machine simple cylindrical components or intricate and intricate parts, a SYIL CNC lathe can deliver consistent and precise results. Its versatility, speed, and reliability make it a valuable asset in any CNC machining operation.

How Does a SYIL CNC Lathe Increase Productivity?

A SYIL CNC lathe increases productivity in several ways.

Firstly, the SYIL CNC lathe is equipped with advanced automation features such as automatic tool changers, bar feeders, and parts catchers. These features allow for uninterrupted machining operations, reducing downtime and increasing overall efficiency.

Secondly, the SYIL CNC lathe offers high-speed machining capabilities, allowing for faster cutting speeds and shorter cycle times. This results in increased production rates and faster turnaround times for parts manufacturing.

Additionally, the SYIL CNC lathe is known for its user-friendly interface and intuitive programming software. This makes it easier for operators to set up and program the machine, reducing the learning curve and increasing productivity.

Furthermore, the SYIL CNC lathe is built with a robust and rigid construction, ensuring high precision and accuracy in machining operations. This eliminates the need for rework or additional machining, saving time and increasing productivity.

Lastly, SYIL CNC lathes are known for their reliability and durability. With minimal maintenance requirements and a reputation for long-lasting performance, these machines can consistently deliver high productivity over extended periods of time.

Overall, the SYIL CNC lathe offers a combination of advanced features, high-speed capabilities, user-friendly interface, precision, and reliability, all of which contribute to increased productivity in the manufacturing process.