Tool Spindle, ATC and Lower-turret, CNC Multitasking Machine with Opposed Twin-spindles.

Maximum Tool spindle speed 12,000min-1 (op. 20,000min-1).
Distance between spindles 1,000mm.
Y-axis stroke 210mm (±105mm).
B-axis swiveling range 190° (±95°).
Number of tools for ATC magazine 36 pcs. (op. 48 ,72).
twin spindle , Save the cycle time by Simultaneous operation with Upper and Lower tools.
Faster cycle times thanks to simultaneous machining with upper and lower tools on L/R opposed twin-spindles.
The slides, having a vertical column structure, are mounted on a high rigidity horizontal machine bed with low gravity design.

Compact Multitasking Machine with ATC

Floor space 4,350mm×2,795mm.
Equipped with Built-in Spindles.
Can be equipped with 6 ~ 8-inch chucks.

φ51mm φ65mm (op.)
Max. turning diameter 305mm
Max. turning length 834mm
Distance between spindles max.1,000mm/min.230mm
Bar capacity(φ) 51mm 65mm (only L)
Chuck size 6″,8″
Spindle speed 6,000min -1 4,500min -1
Left Spindle motor 11/7.5kW 15/11kW
Right Spindle motor 11/7.5kW