Next level machining

8” Class Single-Turret Carrying Out Great Machining Rigidity and Stability

It ensures the machining area that is more than an 8” class machine with a maximum turning diameter of 390mm and a tool swinging diameter of 620mm, equipped with a 15/11kW (op. 18.5/15kW) spindle motor. Spindle speed is 4,500min-1, and Y-axis slide travel is 100mm (±50mm).
It also has a 5.5/3.7kW milling motor, and its spindle speed is 6,000min-1.
With a high rigid slant bed with box-way slides, it carries out great machining rigidity and stability.

More Convenient, More Effective

The tailstock drive is selectable (op.).
The gantry loader “GR-203 High-Speed” is selectable. (op.)
Many stress-free machine structures have been applied that cut the burden on workers.

Φ65mm φ71mm(op.)
Max. turning diameter 12st 390mm
Max. turning diameter 16st(op.) 340mm*
Max. turning length 317.8mm
Distance between spindles max.510mm/min.205mm
Bar capacity φ65mm φ71mm
Chuck size 8″ 10″
L Spindle speed 4,500min-1 4,500min-1
L Spindle motor 15/11kW, 18.5/15kW(op.)

* 16st cannot be selected for specifications without milling.