Work stocker for unmanned automation

Work stocker can be chosen according to the machined parts.

A quality control chute is available to control parts during automatic cycle.

Compatible models:【GR-203 High-Speed】【GR-203II】【GR-201】【GR-103】

WS-121 WS-122 WS-124
Type Single-Layer Pallet
Part Diameter Φ20~80mm
Number of Pallets 30 Pallets 60 Pallets 120 Pallets
Max. Loading Weight 2kg/Pallet

Compatible models:【GR-203 High-Speed】【GR-203II】【GR-103】

Type Single-Layer Pallet
Part Diameter Φ20~150mm
Number of Pallets 20 Pallets
Max. Loading Weight 18kg/Pallet