SYIL T5 Drill Tap Mill

Enhanced Efficiency and Accuracy

  • 600x450x330 mm axis travels
  • 21-pocket High-Speed Servo Tool Changer
  • 20,000 rpm Direct BT30 Spindle
  • High-Precision Mineral Casting
  • THK Ball Screw and Linear Guide

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Experience Unmatched Efficiency and Accuracy

Introducing the SYIL T5 CNC drilling and tapping machine – your ultimate solution for precision manufacturing.

Powerful features
  • Powerful and reliable performance
  • Compact machine layout, suitable for production line integration
  • Mineral-cast bed structure
  • High rigidity and good thermal stability
  • Direct drive servo motor, high precision guideways
Sleek design
  • Fully enclosed work area with stainless steel protection plates
  • Easy chip disposal design
  • Ergonomic operation and loading/Unloading design concept
  • Easy access to equipment units for easy maintenance
  • Expandable and customizable automation system
Epoxy Granite Frame

Precision Mineral Bed


High-Precision Ball Screw and Linear Guide

4th Axis

Optional 4th axis

High-speed Servo Tool Changer

21 Units BT30

SYIL T5 Drill Tap Mill Packages Specs

Using a drilling and tapping machine automates the process, increasing efficiency and productivity while reducing labor costs.

Table Size 700×420 mm
T-Slots (Number x Size x Distance) 3×14.3×125 mm
Max. Table Load 250 kg
X Travel 600 mm
Y Travel 450 mm
Z Travel 330 mm
Distance between spindle end and tabletop 150-480 mm
Distance between spindle and column surface 320 mm
Spindle Nose BT30
Spindle Speeds 20,000 rpm
Mechanism of Transmission Direct
Cutting Feed 20,000 mm/min
Rapid Traverse 48,000 mm/min
Tool Type Wheel
Tool Storage Capacity 21 positions
Max.Tool Diameter 63 mm
Max.Tool Length 250 mm
Max.Tool Weight 3 kg
Tool to Tool 1 s
Spindle motor output(Rate/Max) 3.7/5.5 kW
Drive motors(X, Y, Z) 1.5 kW
Power Source AC380V/ 3-Phase
Floor Size (LxWxH) 2098x1550x2068 mm
Net Weight 2150 kg
Gross Weight 2250 kg
All About the SYIL T5

Range of Applications of a CNC Drilling and Tapping Machine

The SYIL T5 CNC drilling and tapping machine offers a wide range of applications in various industries. In metalworking industries, it can be used for precision hole drilling and thread tapping, enhancing productivity and accuracy. The automotive industry benefits from this machine’s ability to efficiently create threaded holes in engine components or chassis parts. Additionally, the electronics manufacturing sector utilizes the CNC drill tap machine for producing intricate circuit boards with precision holes and threads. With its versatility and reliability, manufacturers across different sectors can greatly benefit from investing in a high-quality drilling and tapping machine like the ones offered by SYIL Machine Tools.

Benefits of Buying a CNC Drill Tap Mill From Syil Machine Tools

High-quality and reliable machines: When you buy a CNC drilling and tapping machine from SYIL Machine Tools, you can trust that you are getting a high-quality and reliable product. Our machines are built with precision engineering and designed to withstand the demands of industrial manufacturing. You can count on consistent performance and accuracy, ensuring efficient production processes.

Customizable options: SYIL Machine Tools offers customizable options for our CNC drilling and tapping machines. We understand that every manufacturer has unique needs, so we provide flexible solutions to meet your specific requirements. From different spindle configurations to advanced control systems, you can customize your machine to optimize productivity and achieve the desired results.

Excellent customer support: At SYIL Machine Tools, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer support throughout your experience with us. From pre-sales consultations to after-sales service, our team is dedicated to providing prompt assistance whenever needed. We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction by addressing any concerns or questions promptly, allowing you to maximize the benefits of our CNC drilling and tapping machines in your operations.

Advantages of Using a Drilling and Tapping Machine

Using a drilling and tapping machine offers several advantages in industrial manufacturing. Firstly, it significantly increases efficiency and productivity by automating the process of drilling holes and creating threads. This allows for faster production times and higher output rates, saving valuable time for manufacturers. Additionally, with the ability to accurately drill and tap with precision, this machine ensures consistent results every time.

Another advantage is that a drilling and tapping machine reduces labor costs associated with manual drilling and tapping processes. By eliminating the need for constant supervision or physical exertion from workers, companies can allocate their resources more effectively. Moreover, using a CNC drill tap machine like the SYIL T5 provides versatility across various applications in industries such as automotive parts manufacturing or aerospace engineering—making it an ideal choice for corporations looking to streamline their operations without compromising quality.