*The image shown is “HAKO-BEI Link”.

*The image shown is “HAKO-BEI D type”.

Full automation using “HAKO-BEI”

When HAKO-BEI is connected to a gantry loader or the Compact Loader that is combined with a multitasking machine, the whole process of loading blank materials, machining, unloading, and aligning finished parts in trays can be completed with one unit. Unmanned automatic operation is possible for a long period of time.

B2 Type C2 Type Link D Type
Drive Axis for Robot 1 axis(1-axis servo) 2 axis(2-axis servo) 2 axis(HAKO-ROBO, Cartesian coordinate system)
Total Weight 200kg 215kg 215kg 220kg
Loading Capacity on Tray 150kg 150kg 200kg 150kg
Tray Limit Weight 15kg(Heavy duty specification: 15-20kg) 15kg(Heavy duty specification: 15-20kg) 20kg 15kg(Heavy duty specification: 15-20kg)
Carrying Load 0.3kg 1.0kg 0.3kg
Transfer Cycle Time 8~20s 8~20s 8~20s