SYIL X5 Mini CNC Mill

Space- And Money-Saving CNC Machine

  • 300×260×300 mm axis travels
  • 16-pocket high-speed servo tool changer
  • 20,000 rpm direct-coupled BT30 spindle
  • SCHNEEBERGER mineral cast bed
  • One-meter width for narrow spaces

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Mini CNC mill with an LNC M6800 controller.


Mini CNC mill with FANUC 0iMF Plus controller.


Mini CNC mill with SYNTEC 22MA controller.

SYIL X5 Siemens SINUMERIK 828D (260)

Mini CNC mill with Siemens SINUMERIK 828D (260) controller.

X5 Mini CNC Machine: Unleash Your Creativity with Precision and Versatility

Discover the versatile SYIL X5 mini mill, perfect for hobbyists and professionals. Compact design, high precision, and affordable pricing.

Mini CNC Machines from SYIL

Experience Precision and Power in a Compact Size

  • Powerful and stable performance
  • Compact machine layout, suitable for production line combination
  • Bed structure made of mineral casting
  • High rigidity and good thermal stability
  • Direct drive servo motor and high-precision guide rail
  • Fully enclosed working area with stainless steel guard plate
  • Easy chip removal design
  • Ergonomic operation and loading/Unloading design concept
  • Easy access to each Unit of equipment for easy maintenance
  • Expandable personalized custom automation system

Mineral casting machine frame


High-precision ball screws and linear guides

4th Axis

Optional 4th axis

High-speed Servo Tool Changer

16-pocket BT30

SYIL X5 Packages Specs

The SYIL X5 mini mill has a small footprint, a complete set of CNC capabilities, and best of all, it’s affordable.

Feature overview
Table size 560×260 mm
T-Slots (number×size×distance): 3×14×80 mm
Max. table load 150 kg
X Travel 300 mm
Y Travel 260 mm
Z Travel 300 mm
Distance between spindle end and tabletop 150-450 mm
Distance between spindle and column surface 330 mm
Spindle nose BT30
Spindle speeds 20,000 rpm
Mechanism of transmission Direct
Cutting feed 10,000 mm/min
Rapid traverse 30,000 mm/min
Tool type Wheel
Tool storage capacity 16 positions
Max. tool diameter 63 mm
Max. tool length 200 mm
Max. tool weight 3 kg
Tool to Tool 1 s

Spindle motor output(Rate/Max) 5.5/7.5 kW
Drive motors(X,Y,Z) 1/1.7/2.4 kW
Power Source AC380V/ 3-Phase
Power 12 kVA


Spindle motor output(Rate/Max) 3.7/5.5 kW
Drive motors(X,Y,Z) 0.85/1.3/1.3 kW
Power Source AC380V/ 3-Phase
Power 10 kVA
Floor size (L×W×H) 2020×1000×2360 mm
Weight 2180 kg
All About the SYIL X5

From Prototyping to Jewellery Making

What types of projects can be completed using an X5 mini CNC machine? A mini mill is a versatile tool that can be used to complete a wide range of projects. Here are some examples:

  • Prototyping: Mini CNC machines are perfect for creating prototypes of small parts or products. Whether you are working on a new invention or refining an existing design, a mini CNC machine allows you to quickly and accurately produce a physical model.

  • Precision engraving: With the ability to control the cutting depth and speed, mini CNC machines are great for engraving intricate designs on various materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. You can create personalized gifts, signage, or decorative items with ease.

  • Jewellery making: Mini CNC machines are excellent tools for jewellery makers. They can accurately carve intricate patterns, shapes, and textures on metals like gold, silver, and brass. This enables you to create one-of-a-kind pieces with precision and detail.

Key Reasons to Choose for an X5 Mini CNC Mill

There are several advantages to using an X5 mini CNC machine for your machining needs.

  • Compact Size: The X5 Mini CNC machines are smaller in size compared to their larger counterparts, making them ideal for limited space environments such as workshops or home garages. Their compact design allows for easy transportation and storage.

  • Cost-effective: SYIL X5 Mini CNC machines are generally more affordable than larger CNC machines. They offer a cost-effective solution for hobbyists, small businesses, or individuals who are just starting with CNC machining.

  • Versatility: Despite their smaller size, our mini CNC mills can still perform a wide range of machining operations. They are capable of milling, drilling, cutting, and engraving materials like wood, plastic, and various metals. This versatility makes them suitable for a variety of applications.

  • User-friendly: Our Mini CNC machines are designed with user-friendliness in mind. They come with intuitive control panels and software interfaces, making them easy to operate, even for beginners. Additionally, they offer features like automatic tool changers and preset cutting paths, further simplifying the machining process.

  • Precision and Accuracy: Mini CNC machines are built with precision in mind. They utilize advanced technology and high-quality components to ensure accurate and precise machining results. This level of precision is crucial for creating intricate designs or working on small-scale projects.

  • Time-saving: With automated features and efficient machining capabilities, our mini CNC machines can save you a significant amount of time compared to traditional manual methods.